M.S. Graduate Assistantship Sonoran Tiger Salamander Ecology

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M.S. Graduate Assistantship Sonoran Tiger Salamander Ecology

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M.S. Graduate Assistantship in Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation at the University of Arizona

Ecology of terrestrial morphs of the endangered Sonoran Tiger Salamander

Application deadline: 1 Mar 2016
Start date: as early as July 2016

"Pending final funding decisions, I anticipate the opportunity for a passionate MS student interested in the ecology and conservation of endangered species, especially amphibians, to join my research group in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation and Management at the University of Arizona. The Sonoran Tiger Salamander is a federally endangered species that is endemic to isolated habitat in the scenic and rugged borderlands of southern Arizona and northern
Mexico. The species has two adult forms, an aquatic morph and a terrestrial morph. The movement ecology and habitat use of the terrestrial morph outside of breeding ponds are poorly known. The successful graduate student will investigate the movement of terrestrial morphs using radiotelemetry to assess seasonal habitat use and scale of movement of this rare amphibian. Well-developed interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic, and a desire to collaborate with university/agency scientists, land managers and landowners are required for success with this exciting field research.

A Graduate Research Assistantship that provides a monthly salary and tuition remission will be available. More information on benefits for GRAs can be found at: https://grad.arizona.edu/funding/ga/ben ... ppointment. Highly qualified and interested students should contact Dr. John L. Koprowski ([email protected]) and provide your CV and a 1 page statement of interest that outlines pertinent experience, general qualifications, GPA, and GRE scores. Previous experience with radiotelemetry and amphibian ecology in the field, appropriate coursework and academic success as indicated by GPA and GRE scores are considerations in the selection process. After initial review of inquiries, highly qualified students will be encouraged to apply through the formal admission process of the School of Natural Resources & the Environment. Application materials and general information on SNRE and the University of Arizona are available at http://www.snre.arizona.edu/. Learn more about my research group at http://cals.arizona.edu/research/redsquirrel/ and about conservation of Sonoran Tiger Salamanders at: http://www.azgfd.gov/w_c/es/sonoran_tig ... nder.shtml."

John L. Koprowski, Professor and Associate Director
School of Natural Resources & the Environment
Wildlife Conservation and Management
N335 Environment & Natural Resources 2
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85721 USA

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (520) 626-5895
Web: http://www.ag.arizona.edu/research/redsquirrel
Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/John_Koprowski

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