Science, nature, and herp earrings and children's books

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Science, nature, and herp earrings and children's books

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I wasn't sure where to post this or whether the forum was the best place but since we had a thread about herp related children's books before I figured it wasn't that off topic. While traveling around visiting National Parks, Forests, Wildlife Refuges, and Wilderness areas I found two more herp related children's books:

1. Would you rather be a Pollywog? by Bonnie Worth from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library series ... 0375828836
2. Frog in a Bog by John Himmelman ... 1570915180

Since my sister is expecting offspring come November I bought both for her child's future library collection. Perhaps the books will spark an interest in nature and all life. I liked how the books actually had information about species and used proper names such as spring peeper and green frog instead of just clumping all frogs together. They also had resources with additional information as a child grows so they can learn more.

My other discovery was a series of science, nature, and herp related earrings that I love! The earrings are made out of post-consumer cereal box cardboard because it is usually not selected for continued recycling due to its wood fibers which can become worn and saturated with ink from previous use. Typically these boxes end up in landfills. They have 17 different herp designs ( and way more of birds, marine life, mammals, and general science topics (DNA, brains, plants, tornadoes, etc). I got the Yellow-spotted Salamander set which has a larval salamander for one ear and an adult for the other. They also have a hatchling and adult Bog Turtle set as well as sets of tadpole and adult American Toad and Bullfrog earrings. Some of you might like the Diamondback and Timber Rattlesnake sets more. Anyways, I thought they were cool so I would share. Enjoy!

Cheers, Heather

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