Updated Database Entry Levels List-2-20-17

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Updated Database Entry Levels List-2-20-17

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Updated list showing all contributors with over 1,000 vouchered records in the database ( http://www.naherp.com ). Names will only be cited in the current level you have achieved as of 2-20-17. I included chapter affiliations in parenthesis for those I know, and will update the totals again in June or at the end of the year. If I did not include your chapter affiliation, please note it in a reply to this post and I will add it. AZ-Ariz., CA-Calif., MW-Midwest, RM-Rocky Mtn, SCent-South Central, NW-Northwest, NE-Northeast, SE-Southeast.

Note: Names with an * in front indicates a person who has qualified for a level above 1,000 for the first time, or a person who has moved up into the next level since last year.

10,000 Records +

Brian Hubbs (AZ) -14,326

5,000 Records +

Nate Nazdrowicz (NE)-9,869
Bob Ferguson (NE)- 8,172
Brian Hinds (Fundad) (CA)-6,638
Kyle Loucks (NE)-6,042
*Robert and Nicholas Hess (CA)-5,803

3,000 Records +

Matthew Gruen (CA)-4,962
James Maughn (CA)-4.956
Chris Harrison (SCent)-3,964
Jeff Teel (CA)-3,722
Owen Holt (CA)-3,557
Tamara McConnell-3,533
Jonathan Hakim (NW)-3,472
*Marc Linsalata (CA)-3,384
John Lauermann (CA)-3,221
David Heckard-3,110
*Andrea Howlett (NE)-3,096

2,000 Records +

Ben Jones (AZ)-2,895
Janine McCabe (AZ)-2,825
Noah Mueller-2,717
Lawrence Erickson (CA)-2,529
Joshua Emms (RM)-2,477
Tristan Schramer-2,451
*Keith Condon-2,284
Stephen Staedtler-2,273
*Nathan Smith (CA)-2,116
*Matt Ratcliffe-2,058
*Jeff Nordland-2,008

1,000 Records +

Steve Bledsoe (CA)-1,968
Philip Clevenger-1,915
John Burris-1,858
Steve Zimmerman-1,542
Michael Kirby-1,501
Cole Wild-1,496
Mathew Sullivan-1,422
William (Fieldnotes) Flaxington (CA)-1,411
Bill Gorum (RM)-1,302
Terry Cox (AZ)-1,256
*Chris McMartin (SCent)-1,246
James Jeffery-1,242
Matt DaGrosa-1,208
Art Cecil-1,149
Stephen Glines-1,148
Jason Hull (RM)-1,145
William McGighan-1,126
Mike VanValen-1,103
*Zach Lim (CA)-1,079
Corey Raimond-1,071
Curtis Hart-1,043
*Dave Webber (AZ)-1,043
Josh Young-1,036
*Dave Hughes-1,029

The entire list can be seen at:


Click on the headings to change them from alphabetical to lowest to highest.

Good work everyone! :thumb:

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