Citation of DB records?

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Tom Lott
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Citation of DB records?

Post by Tom Lott »

Perhaps this was addressed prior to the great crash, but if so I no longer remember it and it is not covered in the FAQ:

What would be the preferred form of citing a record from the database in the print media?

(e.g., this ONE)

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Brian Hubbs
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Re: Citation of DB records?

Post by Brian Hubbs »

NAFHA HERP database,, Record #54513

If they can't figure that out, they don't need to see it... :lol:

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Re: Citation of DB records?

Post by Shane_TX »


Chris Harrison recently posted a good example on a different forum:
I don't think we should include NAFHA in the citations since the relationship between the two institutions (naherp and NAFHA) is tenuous right now. The database is a stand-alone project and should be cited similar to an online reference like Wikipedia.

A more APA compliant format might be:

Texas Patch-nosed Snake (Salvadora grahamiae lineata) (nd). in Herpetological Education and Research Project.
Record Number 96285. Retrieved December 7, 2011 from

I think the Wikipedia comparison is a good one -

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