'largest snake'

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Kelly Mc
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Re: 'largest snake'

Post by Kelly Mc »

Sad. Found at a construction site.

These kinds of "displaying the giant python" photos really rub me the wrong way.

Big pythons are seen as indestructible and they are not. They have internal organs and tissues just like every other animal. All those guys pretty much manipulating it any way they can to get that traditional Circus Shot.

The snake died because of it. Peritonitis or something, poor grand and beautiful one.

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Noah M
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Re: 'largest snake'

Post by Noah M »

Even though it died, given its size it probably had a very long and productive life, which gives me a modicum of comfort.

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Re: 'largest snake'

Post by hellihooks »

Takes a big snake... to feed a village. :roll:

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