Young Collectors, Traders Help Fuel a Boom in Exotic Pets

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Re: Young Collectors, Traders Help Fuel a Boom in Exotic Pet

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I think China is going to see a continued and huge surge in reptile keeping. It will probably get worse before it gets better, but I see more and more keepers there using better husbandry. They are breeding and captive hatching more animals successfully and selectively breeding which could make those animals more desirable from both health and visual standpoints. Whether that will result in less demand for wild caught, maybe harder to say. Also the food trade would obviously be supplied only by wc or large scale ranching methods. I will say there are becoming (or maybe I am just becoming more aware of?) more Chinese people all the time who sincerely care for reptiles and have a real interest in learning about them both in captivity and in the wild. Hopefully, that translates into understanding what those animals need to survive and some protection of them and their habitat for which they cannot survive without.

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