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Another threat - invasive Pentastomid

Posted: April 14th, 2019, 4:21 am
by BillMcGighan
Looks like the cows are out of the pasture on this one.

Another example of ignorance of the jackasses who released the Burmese Pythons in the Glades! ... lorida_USA

Re: Another threat - invasive Pentastomid

Posted: April 17th, 2019, 3:56 am
More like another example of scientist cashing in on the Pythons for paychecks mania.

" Extending Parasite Range in Florida, USA "

What? Right off the bat the scientist showed their deceit by placing that misleading line, bold faced in the "studies" title. The study showed NO range extension. Having No proof has never stopped invasive scientist (or in general) from the promotion of imaginary scenarios. Another example of ambitiousness and cluelessness driving scientific misbehavior.

Examining the study that initially sparked this NEW python related scare threat of an invasive Pentastomid . Finds a number of questionable practices used to drive a round peg into a square hole, to manufacture the nanoscopic difference needed to set off the invasive pentastomid false alarm. The biological fact is, there in not one indication the Pentastomida attributed to the python introduction are having any adverse effects on native reptile population's. There is only evidence that they are not.

Ernie Eison