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DSLR - FHF Consumer Reports

Post by TravisK » August 19th, 2010, 2:04 pm

What is or is not worth yours and my hard earned money?
Well folks, I can tell many of you have enough experience to give some very good and well earned product reviews.

I am wanting to step up and get a DSLR cause I am sick of the limitations I have with my P&Ss.

I would like something that is GREAT for macro, and at least decent for all the other kinds of shots. I also have to feed/clothe/house four kids, a stay at home mom/wife, and myself so I am thinking that I might want to get a used setup. I sell Blaptica dubia roaches on the side and should have a grand in roach money by Nov/Dec and want to have my search pretty much narrowed down by that time. Which is cool because I pride myself on having a self sustaining hobby, either that or I am just plain cheap.


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Re: DSLR - FHF Consumer Reports

Post by Don » August 19th, 2010, 2:35 pm

Let me chime in first and then take my lumps!

Most of the folks on here are Nikon and Canon enthusiasts. I've been shooting Pentax cameras for 40 years and and am very pleased with them. I think their glass is superior, and they are often on the cutting edge of DSLR improvements.

I shop carefully, and I bought my Pentax K200D cheap on amazon.com and, prior to that, my Pentax P&S (Optio M80, I thing) cheap on ebay, brand new. Also sold all my old Pentax bodies and glass on ebay for MORE than I had in them.

Nothing wrong with Canon or Nikon, but don't overlook Pentax. I think currently they are more moisture resistant and have features that reduce shake that the competitors may not be up to date with. And, once again, great lenses.

Good light!


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Re: DSLR - FHF Consumer Reports

Post by John Martin » August 19th, 2010, 2:51 pm

Hi Travis - whatever brand camera you end up choosing (I use Nikon :D , Canon is certainly on a par), I would highly recommend purchasing a prime macro lens. They aren't cheap but you will get best results from one of these, and they offer a full 1:1 reproduction. I believe most, if not all of, the aftermarket zoom/macro combinations only offer 1:2 reproduction. A longer focal length (100mm vs 50mm or 60mm) will allow you to shoot from a further distance from the subject also, which can be very important with flighty or venomous species.

edit: just a thought also, there is much information to be gleaned from the Image Lab section here on FHF!

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