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Herp Atlas Updates

Post by CCarille »

Update 07/24/2013 12:00 pm:
Hi All! I hope no one minds that I'm creating a new post for updates to make it easier to follow and for me to keep everyone in the loop.

We now have 23 contributors and counting. We still have some major spaces that need filling, so please pass information about this project around to good field-herping photographers you may know. The major spaces we need photos for are the following regions: Oceania (Australia, NZ, etc.), the Seas (underwater sea snakes and turtle shots mainly), Africa, the Arctic region, and Asia, so spread the word!!

Complete (received photos, ids, locations, credit line info):
- Nicholas A. Hess
- James R. Evans
- Matthew Sullivan
- Ryan Francis
- Matthew Jennette
- Justin Michels (waiting on 2 shots)
- Matt Buckingham (waiting on about 30 shots)
- Daniel Bohleis (waiting on about 30 shots)

Photos I've gone through (and e-mailed shot lists):
- Anton (last name? - sent a pm for e-mail info to send a shot list)
- Zeev (last name? - sent a pm for e-mail info to send a shot list)
- Thor Hakonsen (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Andrew Snyder (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Jason Rothmeyer (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Rob Schell (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Chris Harrison (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Riley Campbell (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Nathan Shepard (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Jeroen Speybroeck (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Markus Oulehla (e-mail sent with shot list)
- Fil Tkaczyk (e-mail sent requesting other gallery links)

Still need to compile shot lists (given permission as contributors):
- Hans Breuer
- Andre Schmid
- Fred Vachss

Total species (not shots) for photos received (6 completed photographers' photos - my shot list is 100+ pages long so far, so there will be a lot more! haha granted that includes photo links, contributors names, and latin and common names):
Snakes: 44
Amphibians: 39
Lizards & Skinks: 29
Crocodilians: 3
Testudines: 6

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Re: Herp Atlas Updates

Post by fvachss »

I have to admit I didn't notice your earlier request for photos (and there are plenty of folks here that have taken as good or better versions of my pictures of domestic herps, anyway). That said I see you're looking for Australian herp photos, and I have a few of those sitting around on my web site you're welcome to use if you like:

My first trip to Australia in 2007 was mostly about birding, but I did snap a few random lizards:

Goanna, Cape Tribulation, QLD: http://www.pbase.com/fvachss/image/84483346

Gould's Goanna, Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef: http://www.pbase.com/fvachss/image/84483457

Small Lizard (need ID), Exmouth, WA: http://www.pbase.com/fvachss/image/87960973

Freshwater Crocodile, Ord River (near Kununurra, WA): http://www.pbase.com/fvachss/image/85685696

and then on a second trip to West Australia in 2010, spent a bit more time on herps - seen in this folder:


In order, the first four shots are of Perentie - a large monitor Lizard (the first three are of the same individual from Exmouth, WA while the last is from the bush in the area of Nanutarra, WA). The unidentified chameleon-like lizard creature is also from Exmouth, while the next three shots of Freshwater Crocs are from Winjana Gorge in the Kimberley region of northern WA. The final three shots are from East Wallabi Island off of Geraldton in central WA - the first and third of a Dwarf Bearded Dragon endemic to the island and the second an unidentified skink.

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Re: Herp Atlas Updates

Post by natrix »

What do you need photos for? Did I miss an earlier post??

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Re: Herp Atlas Updates

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