Critique anyone?

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Lucas Basulto
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Critique anyone?

Post by Lucas Basulto »

Just asking for constructive critiques! Any one stand out more than the others?




Shot with:
Canon Rebel XSi
EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
ISO 400

Post done in iPhoto

I also just started shooting RAW and I have Lightroom 5 in the mail so any suggestions or tips associated with those would be greatly appreciated as well!

Thanks Y'all!


edit: As a note, these a the last of my JPEGS they were not shot RAW..

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Re: Critique anyone?

Post by chrish »

I generally don't like herp shots converted to black and whites, but these work really well. Very nice texture and contrast.

My beef is the same for all three shots -
- they are cropped too tight pushing the animals face up against the edge of the frame. I would like a bit more room in front.
- each has a distracting element in the lower right corner (the rock in number 1, the sticks/grass in numbers 2 and 3)

In the first shot, the camera seems to have been focused on the front elbow and that has lost some of the limited depth of field because stuff in the foreground is in focus while too much of the animal (particularly the head) has been lost.

2 and 3 seem to be at a funky angle. Two maybe the most "interesting" shot of the three, but the angle takes away from this (and the grass in the corner). Again, I would like to have seen more DOF and maybe a bit less contrast on the second one since some of the animals texture is lost in the shadows and highlights.

That said, I am being super anal here and they are all very nice.

If you forced me to pick a favorite, I think I would go with the first one just based on my initial knee-jerk reactions. Two and three are more interesting, but they are more flawed as well.


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Nature Nate
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Re: Critique anyone?

Post by Nature Nate »

I somewhat agree with chrish. The rock in number 1 is distracting and the head is cropped too close to the edge of the screen based on the focal point of the photograph. I, however, would not have cropped number 2 any differently. I too would have put the eye in the intersection of the upper and right third's dividing lines. IMHO the sticks in the lower right corner are out of focus enough to add a natural framing element to the head and focus your attention on that side of the image without being distracted by the contrast of the body.
Number 3 had the same impression on me as cherish.
Good lighting on all three as well. I love the use of black and white to exemplify the definition and texture of the skin.
This is my impression. Seeing as we all have different opinions just take what you want to hear and play around with your next subject. Thank you for sharing.

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