Interesting tool for Sony shooters

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Interesting tool for Sony shooters

Post by chrish » July 27th, 2014, 11:19 am

One of the frustrating things about the DSLRs I have owned is that the file names only go up to 9999 then they reset. I can't imagine why camera manufacturers wouldn't just add the next digit (or two) so you could keep track of file names up to 100,000 or even 1,000,000. Since shutters are now built to work in excess of 100,000 actuations, why can't the file names count that high?

Of course, you can change the file names, which is what I used to do. I would import the files from my card then rename them all with the appropriate extra digit (so DSC1234.ARW would become DSC21234.ARW). I had it automated and even though it worked it was a pain. I just don't bother anymore.

But this led to a question for me.....How many pictures have I taken with my Sony A57? I want to know because I just bought a new camera body and wanted to know how many shots I took with the old one.

I know the frame counter has "rolled over" at least once....maybe more? So my last photo number DSC00186 might be my 10,0186 shot or my 20,186 shot or even my 30,186 shot. I don't remember. I also know I accidentally reset the counter back to zero at least once during the last few years. I also know that if you take a photo to test camera settings with no card in there, that doesn't "count" in the filename tally.

Well along comes this nifty online tool -

If you upload an unadulterated RAW or JPG file straight out of the camera, it can determine how many shutter iterations that camera body has been through.

Might be useful if you are buying a used Sony Camera and want to know just "how used" it is?

My answer....DSC00186 was shutter iteration 40,545! :crazyeyes:

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