Nikon D3200 macro zoom suggestion

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Nikon D3200 macro zoom suggestion

Post by Porter »

Hi, first time posting here. FiguredI might as well. I recently bought a Nikon D3200 and trying to find the best zoom lens (300mm or more) for lizards at far distance. I was told there is a macro zoom lens available... anyone shoot with it by chance?

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Martti Niskanen
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Re: Nikon D3200 macro zoom suggestion

Post by Martti Niskanen »

Look into getting a used 300mm f/4.

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Re: Nikon D3200 macro zoom suggestion

Post by bgorum »

So to my knowledge there have only ever been two real macro zoom lenses made. The first was the Vivitar series one 90-180 f4.5, which was only ever available as a manual focus lens. The other was the 70-180 micro Nikkor, which I reviewed here- viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10603. It won't auto-focus on your D3200, since it requires a body with a built in focusing motor. However, I don't think either of these lenses are what you have in mind. Lots and lots of zoom lenses have the word macro in their names, but all that means is that they can focus somewhat close, (typically to around 1/4 life size or so). In most cases the quality of these lenses in the so called "macro" mode is nowhere close to what you would get with a real macro lens. What you want is a nice close-focusing telephoto lens, either fixed focal length or a zoom. The suggestion for a 300mm f4 is a good one if you can afford it. I reviewed the Nikon 300mm f4 AF-s here- viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10960. If you don't want to spend that much money I hear good things about the Nikon 70-300vr and the Tamron 70-300vc. All three of those lenses focus to around 5 feet and 1/3-1/4 life size which is good for in situ lizard shots. If you find you need to focus closer you could always add a short extension tube later on.

Have fun!

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