Time for a new camera

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Time for a new camera

Post by stlouisdude »

A A few years ago I bought one of the Cannon SX superzooms because I wanted to be able to photo not only herps but also mammals which are often at some distance away. It's taken a beating over the years and I think it's time to replace the old gal. At this point, I would primarily be photographing snakes for my own amusement and to share with friends, I'd like to get fair photos but they don't need to win any awards, they just need to show what the snake looked like. My budget would ideally be 500$ or less. For that range, it seems I could only get the very cheapest dslr or one of the P&S's. Curious if you guys can give me any direction.

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Re: Time for a new camera

Post by dwakefield »

Over the holidays, Amazon was selling the new Nikon D3400 (one of their beginner DSLRs) with a couple lenses for around $500 for the kit. Don't know if it is still going, but worth checking out.

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