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CA Rattlesnake App

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An app for California Rattlesnakes is now available for 99 cents for Apple and Android devices. This app is optimized for smart phones to provide a portable guide for the field. It does not require internet connectivity, but additional features are available with an internet connection. The app contains the following:

- How to distinguish rattlesnakes from other snakes
- How to distinguish the rattlesnake species and subspecies of the state
- Field guide information including range maps
- First aid tips to help deal with a bite
- Search feature to assist with identification
- Technical terms that link to the glossary to provide definitions
- Many great photos of each species and subspecies

Text was written and images were compiled by Todd Battey. Programming for the app was provided by Donald Becker.

Go to the iTunes Store for more information or to download the Apple version: ... 30927?mt=8

Go to the Google Play store for more information or to download the Android version: ... .CalCrotes

This app may be of interest to rattlesnake enthusiasts (for the many photos of each species and subspecies, and for the range maps) and to those that fear rattlesnake (for the info on how to distinguish rattlesnakes from the many harmless snakes of the region). Useful to herpers and others that spend time in the outdoors, such as hikers, fishermen, hunters, outdoor workers, etc. Hopefully, it will help prevent the needless killing of snakes through better understanding and appreciation of these amazing predators.

If you check it out, please let me know what you think.


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