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New book on Australia's medically important venomous snakes

Posted: March 22nd, 2018, 3:51 pm
by SAW
Hi All,
I thought some here might be interested in our new book entitled, "Australia's Dangerous Snakes: Identification, Biology, Envenoming" (see below Amazon link for a look), authored by Peter J Mirtschin, Arne R Rasmussen, and Scott A Weinstein. It is a fairly comprehensive treatment of the major elapid snakes of Australia and includes information (much new) about distribution, ethology, venom, effects of envenoming and snakebite management. It is thoroughly illustrated with colour photos, as well as numerous tables and diagrams (yes. this is a blatant plug for the book!).
There is also information on conservation, threats to Australian herpetofauna and possible solutions, as well as narratives about some of the unique personalities who in the early to mid-Twentieth Century contributed to the development of life saving antivenoms. it should provide those interested in Australian elapids with quite a bit of enjoyable reading. ... 8&qid=&sr=