Vector range map for Rana kauffeldi

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Vector range map for Rana kauffeldi

Post by FunkyRes »

In Feinberg, Newman, et. al. (2014) they have a figure showing the historic perception of leopard frogs along Atlantic Coast on the left, and updated on the right.

I needed that image for something I'm working on - but in vector. The image in the article is bitmap, and to be honest - looks like it was printed, drawn upon, and then scanned at higher resolution than it was printed at. Definite artifacts present, even in version I extracted from the PDF itself.

So I created one and am sharing it. ... ffeldi.svg

I'll make EPS and PDF and better PNG images available shortly from a website being set up, but the SVG on wikimedia is good.

The automatic PNG images that wikimedia make uses different fonts than the Postscript Level 2 fonts specified, and the smaller versions don't take into account font size when reduced, I'll have better PNG images that do on previously mentioned not yet up site.

Anyway, thought some here would benefit from it. Especially if needing the range map in a paper, vector scales very well.

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Re: Vector range map for Rana kauffeldi

Post by sdpete »

Hi Funky,
Not sure if this helps/hurts you but there is new paper that has worked to better delineate the ranges of leopard frogs in the northeast as well as provide more solid morphological characters for these taxa.

Follow-up ecological studies for cryptic species discoveries: Decrypting the leopard frogs of the eastern U.S. ... =printable

Full disclosure - I'm a very middle author for helping out with some of the genetics work.

Hope this helps,

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