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New book on burrowing asps AKA stiletto snakes, mole vipers (Atractaspis)

Posted: August 27th, 2019, 4:21 am
by SAW
Hi everyone,
Just an announcement about our upcoming new book about burrowing asps (Atractaspis spp.) - see link below for details. It is a detailed volume about their biology, basic natural history, toxinology and envenoming - including recommended clinical management. It also includes information about some of allied genera including the "other" genus (two species) of front-fanged atractaspidines, Homoroselaps (South African harlequin snakes), and the enigmatic Natal black snake (Macrelaps microlepidotus). It is thoroughly illustrated in colour, and should provide quite a bit of satisfying reading for anyone with an interest in these compelling and very unusual snakes, that also have greater medical importance than is generally recognised. ... oming.html