new book on The Asian ratsnakes and Kin of Greater China

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new book on The Asian ratsnakes and Kin of Greater China

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Guess I should post this in here as well. Here's a copy and paste from the main forum on my first book that I finished (#2 is in the works):

Hey all, just wanted to mention, I've finished my first book. Right now only the paperback is available, on Amazon. Maybe in the next week or two, the hardback will be available. The book is bilingual and meant to be half field guide half reference book. Covers 19 species from the region, 360 images, 190 pages.

Here's a pic of the back cover, spine, and front cover:
ImageThe Asian Ratsnakes and Kin of Greater China by Kevin Messenger, on Flickr

The paperback is $45 usually (Amazon has it on special at the moment for $35). When the hardback comes out, it'll be $70.

Amazon link to the book:

For those interested in a hardback copy, I'll update this when the HB is out. If anyone has any questions, please let me know, or want to see some interior pages, examples, etc.

Best to all, again, any questions, feel free to shout out.

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