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Herping turned fishing

Posted: September 17th, 2015, 2:49 pm
by simus343
Thought I'd finally share some fishing stuff instead of herping stuff.

Last sat I had a Aquatic Sampling lab. After spending the morning taking seagrass density cover and seine netting, I ended up spending about an hour herping. A friend of mine stayed behind to do some more seine netting. After finding a few cottonmouths, my friend finished seine netting and offered to bring me to a good fishing spot. Being a fisher just as much as a herper, I accepted.

Heads up, the photo is rather grainy - it was a cell phone pic with the phone having some fish slime on various parts of it, probably the camera lens as part of that.
Here's me holding my dinner:


The left (my right hand) was 26 inches and the right (my left hand) was 23 inches.