Thailand 2012 May Trip Herping – Erawan National Park

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Thailand 2012 May Trip Herping – Erawan National Park

Post by daveo » August 17th, 2012, 11:22 pm

Trip Details
I spent three weeks in Thailand in May 2012. I found the trip reports on this forum really helpful when planning my trip and hopefully others will find my trip reports as useful. While there is a strong focus on herping, I’ve also tried to include details of the accommodation, walks, other animals etc to provide an indication of the full experience. In addition to the individual trip reports, I’ve also provided a general overview - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13082

I’ll put some photos in the blogs but didn’t want to make it too picture heavy. I’ve also pasted a number of pictures on my Flickr account and welcome any correction of misidentified species (or in the case of the frogs – I welcome any identifications). I’ll only post herp photos on the forum but there are some mammal and invertebrate shots on Flickr for those interested in what wildlife you might see more generally.[email protected]/sets/

31 May 2012
Got to Erawan NP - the park isn’t looking too promising either as there are stalls and tourists everwhere – not quite what I was expecting.

Headed off to explore after my afternoon snooze. Wandered down past the campground where a 1010m interpretative trail starts. The first 500m of the trail follows the stream (and is between the stream and road). After 500m you come to Bungalows 201-206. These are much nicer than the 100 series and in a cleared spot in the forest. You do have to park your car on one side of the stream and carry everything across to your bungalow. The trail then continues on the other side of the stream up to Fall 3 where there is a bridge to get you across to the other side. Just one Northern fence lizard, Calotes emma alticristatus.

IMG_0282 by daveo12, on Flickr

Starting at Fall 3 is a 1,060m interpretative trail which wanders through the bamboo forest. This is more open and had more birds and lizards (and lots of squirrels). This ends at the far end of the carpark between toilet blocks 1 and 2 (although it looks like it ‘officially’ comes out next to toilet block 3).

Went for a night drive up past Pra Thrat Cave – nothing.

Came back with the intention of doing one of the interpretative walks but chickened out – knew it was likely I would get caught and told off plus I didn’t fancy the whole elephant and leopard dimension. So walked around the bungalows instead – one Tockay and two frogs.

1 June 2012
Did the 1060 walk out to Falls 2 and the 1010 walk back. You can continue the walk through the campground – which comes out next to the HQ building. More Calotes and a butterfly lizard. Had a swim in Falls 2 with all the fish –pretty amazing. Although them constantly nipping at you can get a bit much I imagine.

IMG_0289 by daveo12, on Flickr

Drove out to Pra That Cave - a walk of 500m up a series of steps to the cave entrance my thighs were killing me. Did see some more Calotes on the way up and a tarantula sitting at the entrance to its burrow on the way back down. No Ridley’s unfortunately but the guide did say that they see them occasionally.

The problem is that the highlights and photos are just too few. Therefore you do an entire walk in the heat and humidity and see one lizard. Not exactly motivation to do it all again. Likewise with the night drives. There’s been a few sprinkles of rain but not enough to get the snakes and frogs moving.

Did the Pra That road night drive again – 22 km before there is a checkpoint. Looks like it might be quite a decent road –it started sprinkling on the way back but no real rain – two Tockays and some frogs.

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