Quick trip to Florida

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Quick trip to Florida

Post by BDSkinner » July 3rd, 2013, 8:20 pm

I don't have a computer yet to get some pictures up, but I made a quick trip with my family to Florida to visit my grandmother. Man, it was a rainy few days! She lives literally next to Ft. Cooper State Park in Iverness. Saw the usual suspects:

Anolis sagrei
A. carolinensis
Hyla cinerea
H. gratiosa
H. squirella
Anaxyrus terrestris
A. quercicus

Come to think of it it, that was all the herps I encountered... Oh! There was a gopher tortoise which took up residence under her garden to which she replied "Every yard in Florida has one"

Not too much diversity but always fun for me to see tons of frogs and lizards, and its the first time I've recognized seeing a barking treefrog. Out of the whole trip, I could only find two native anoles in the yard. I have also noticed the geckos that used to litter the house and shed were nowhere to be found. Last time I was there was around five years ago where I found H. turcicus and H. garnotii. Three nights of searching the property and not even a glance at one. There were also noticeably more green anoles then, makes sense.

On a walk through the state park, no herps were found but some really awesome fungi were about. Amanitas, tons of some species of Lactarius, Russula, a few weird pink spored ones, and Agaricus, and a few others I'm in the middle of IDing.

Hopefully I can be back down in the fall this year to do some actual herping, maybe meet up and see some cool snakes. Pictures should be up soon.


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