Oddly colored Chelydra Serpentina

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Oddly colored Chelydra Serpentina

Post by HerpingIllinois »

Hey everybody,
I am looking for someone else's opinion on this. I caught this Common Snapper and thought that the colors were a little odd, so I have been hanging on to him to see if it was anything special. What do you guys think? Just variation, or something more?

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Re: Oddly colored Chelydra Serpentina

Post by R3dguitarist »

Honestly it looks normal to me, just like the ones I find. I think its just lacking the algae and mud on its shell that provide the dark green/brown color.

Tamara D. McConnell
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Re: Oddly colored Chelydra Serpentina

Post by Tamara D. McConnell »

Looks normal to me.

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Re: Oddly colored Chelydra Serpentina

Post by corey.raimond »

That's what they look like before they get all nasty and mud/algae covered :D


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Re: Oddly colored Chelydra Serpentina

Post by kricket »

Yup, the shell darkens with age and you usually see them covered in muck. All the little ones I've seen were that color.

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Andy Avram
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Re: Oddly colored Chelydra Serpentina

Post by Andy Avram »

I am sort of inline with what everyone else is saying, except I think that algae/mud or not that your two turtles there represent a darker and light one. You can really see the difference between the two tails and no amount of adding or subtracting of external mud/aglae/etc... is going to make them the same color. BUT, both the light and dark individual are within the normal range of color of a Snapping Turtle.

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