Gila Monster

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Gila Monster

Post by desertwalker »

My wife and I are down in Tucson for the winter and we decided to do a short hike on Monday close to our rented condo. Since we haven't really seen any signs of herp activity we were very surprised to come across this.

Only 30 yards from the Gila we seen this beautiful Collard lizard.

We are going to be down until May 1st and I'm totally psyched about doing some serious herping when things really start moving and hopefully cross some species off my life list. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you Arizona herpers :beer:

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Re: Gila Monster

Post by azatrox »

Congrats. Some people come here year after year and never see a gila.

They sure are cool critters.


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Re: Gila Monster

Post by ratsnakehaven »

Good job on the Gila and even better on the collared. Not many of those posted here. Are you going with the gang to Sabino Canyon in April?

Terry :thumb:

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Re: Gila Monster

Post by Verhoodled »

Fantastic finds! Looks like you're having a fun spring already. Quite a lot of black on that gila. I've yet to see one of the darker patterned gilas in the wild. The tones on that collared is incredible. I still have yet to voucher one. So many herps, so little time. :beer:

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