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Oregon herpers

Post by Hadar »

Hey guys!

My name is Heather and I just moved to Corvallis, Oregon this week after living in Mississippi for 2.5 years and originating from the Midwest. I love all herps but salamanders are my favorite and all the species here are new to me. This week I've been working and unpacking so I haven't been able to actively herp but I have stumbled upon a few. This weekend I want to focus on getting to know the residents here. Does anyone have recommendations on places to check out or know herpers around Corvallis? If so let me know!

Cheers, Heather

Richard F. Hoyer
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Re: Oregon herpers

Post by Richard F. Hoyer »

I am a long time resident of Corvallis. There are other herpers in Oregon and Washington that have considerable knowledge about when, where, and how to find salamanders and I hope they will respond to your post.

I know next to nothing about amphibians but have a bit of knowledge of our local species of snakes.

Richard F. Hoyer ([email protected])

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Paul Freed
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Re: Oregon herpers

Post by Paul Freed »

Hi Heather,

Welcome to Oregon! I live about 90 miles north of you so I don't know how much help I will be in providing specific places for you to search for salamanders but given that there are some 18 species in the state it will depend on what you are looking for. Of course any area with a water source will have some species and you should have no problem finding a few species at this time of year but as the summer season arrives and it gets drier you'll have a bit more of a problem locating them. Good luck and happy herping!

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M Wolverton
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Re: Oregon herpers

Post by M Wolverton »

The Oregon side of the Columbia River gorge to the NE of you is great for various species of snot lizards.

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Re: Oregon herpers

Post by TravisK »


Welcome to the NW Chapter! Hopefully you can make it to a group outing sometime in the future.

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