HDW Update... contest results

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HDW Update... contest results

Post by hellihooks »

We just hit 4,500 members, and are submitting bout 50 entries a month in the Database... :thumb:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/highdes ... p_activity

And for those of you who are numbers people, Here's what we've seen! HERP Database totals for High Desert Wildlife

Frogs and Toads: (4 species, 9 records)

1. Southern California Toad-6 records
2. Arroyo Toad-1 record
3. American Bullfrog-1 record
4. Baja California Treefrog-1 record

Lizards: (18 species, 43 records)

1. California Legless Lizard-1 record
2. Great Basin Whiptail-8 records
3. Desert Banded Gecko-3 records
4. Great Basin Collared Lizard-1 record
5. Northern Desert Iguana-1 record
6. San Diego Alligator Lizard-2 records
7. Longnose Leopard Lizard-1 record
8. Turkish House Gecko-1 record
9. Blainville's Horned Lizard-1 record
10. Greater Short-horned Lizard-2 records
11. Western Red-tailed Skink-1 record
12. Western Skink-1 record
13. Southern Sagebrush Lizard-1 record
14. Coast Range Fence Lizard-1 record
15. Great Basin Fence Lizard-6 records
16. Yellow-backed Spiny Lizards-7 records
17. Western Side-blotched Lizard-2 records
18. Desert Night Lizard-3 records

Snakes: (20 species, 45 records)

1. Colorado Desert Shovel-nosed Snake-2 records
2. Mojave Shovel-nosed Snake-1 record
3. Red Racer-3 records
4. California Striped Racer-1 record
5. Chapparal Whipsnake-1 record
6. Mojave Desert Sidewinder-1 record
7. Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake-1 record
8. Southern Pacific Rattlesnake-6 records
9. Desert Nightsnake-2 records
10. California Kingsnake-1 record
11. Southwestern Threadsnake-1 record
12. Desert Rosy Boa-2 records
13. Spotted Leaf-nosed Snake-1 record
14. San Diego Gopher Snake-8 records
15. Great Basin Gopher Snake-6 records
16. Western Long-nosed Snake-4 records
17. Mojave Patch-nosed Snake-1 record
18. Mountain Garter Snake-1 record
19. Two-striped Garter Snake-1 record
20. Baja California Lyre Snake-1 record

Turtles/Tortoises: (2 species, 3 records)

1. Spiny Softshell Turtle-1 record
2. Desert Tortoise-2 records

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Re: HDW Update... contest results

Post by monklet »

Greater Short-horned Lizard? Range extension?

Wikipedia wrote:The Short-horned Lizard is more cold tolerant than other species and is able to reach higher elevations and a greater distribution where the temperature is much cooler. They live in many places around the world
...so what do I know ;-)

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Re: HDW Update... contest results

Post by hellihooks »

we have collected records from as far away as Utah... I guess some folks think any High Desert is covered by our group... also folks who live in the Hi-D DO take trips, once in a while, and take pics. :crazyeyes: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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