Help a Midwestern out in South Tx

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Help a Midwestern out in South Tx

Post by Tuataurifer »

Hey friends down in Texas,
*If this thread is inappropriate or has been beaten to death, I apologize in advance.
I want to get in one last trip this year, and the South Texas species have always been high on my list of herps to see. I have spots for all the Southern jewels, but have very little time to spend down there. Ill be flying into Brownsville from St. Louis and meeting with a friend, and the dates at the end of November and early December seem to be the only times I may be able to coordinate with getting time off work. Is it even worth the time and money to come then? Id specifically like to see the oddball tropical colubrids, I know that time of the year is out of the question for most, but what are your thoughts? I appreciate all of your opinions.

Thanks! :beer:

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Tom Lott
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Re: Help a Midwestern out in South Tx

Post by Tom Lott »

Winter is quite mild in deep south Texas (i.e., below a Corpus Christi-Laredo line) but it can occasionally be punctuated by a really cold blast. A few years ago I had the experience of camping out in the Lower Rio Grande Valley the week before Christmas when one day was 95F. The next morning, however, I awoke to freezing rain at 30F, for which I was woefully unprepared! Most of the time it's very pleasant and most of the interesting herps (even the more tropical ones) can be found without too much difficulty - I've even successfully road-cruised during December on occasion (er, back when such things were legal, that is). There has recently been some good rain, which very favorably affects herping success down there; with any luck it might continue.

Come on down and enjoy yourself!

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Re: Help a Midwestern out in South Tx

Post by chrish »

I agree. As long as it isn't too cold (50s or below which would be unusual), animals will be around.
The real issue is rainfall. If it is too dry, it is harder to find stuff.

Actually, cool weather makes it easier to flip stuff down there. If it is 80° or higher, it can be tougher to find things.

December is not the optimal time of year however. But it isn't pointless either.

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