More firsts for the database?

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More firsts for the database?

Post by jonathan » February 14th, 2015, 8:25 pm

With Alan St. John knocking off the Black Salamander, I was trying to think if there were any state records left for the Northwest in the NAHERP database.

This is what I could come up with as species still lacking in the database:

Tiger Salamander
Eastern Long-toed Salamander (subspecies)
Woodhouse's Toad
Northern Leopard Frog

Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog
Woodhouse's Toad

Eastern Long-toed Salamander (subspecies)
Rough-skinned Newt
Northern Pacific Treefrog
Northern Leopard Frog
Wood Frog
Woodhouse's Toad
Great Basin Spadefoot
Collared Lizard
Longnose Leopard Lizard
Side-blotched Lizard
Desert Horned Lizard
Ringneck Snake
Night Snake
Red Coachwhip

I don't think anyone's got a sea turtle either, but they're a bit rare off our coasts. ;)

There's also the chance to get a full-on state record, like when Aaron Ambos got the Greater Short-horned Lizards a couple years ago. Here are the most likely state records:

Longnose Snakes, Coachwhips, Patchnose Snakes, Zebratail Lizards, or Van Dyke's Salamanders in Oregon

Clouded Salamanders, Idaho Giants, or Cour d'Alene Salamanders in Washington

Coachwhips and probably other stuff in Idaho

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Re: More firsts for the database?

Post by M Wolverton » February 15th, 2015, 11:38 am

I've entered a bunch of Woodhouse's toads for WA.

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