Crosss-country Road Trip

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Crosss-country Road Trip

Post by PrimitiveTim » April 18th, 2015, 9:03 pm

Hey everyone! I'm taking a trip across the USA in my van. Of course, I'm familiar with herping the southeast but out west is pretty foreign to me. Anyone in Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or any of the neighboring states that would be willing to point me in the right direction or even go herping with me would be awesome! I'll be videoing wildlife videos for AnimalBytesTV, which is an online animal channel. My goal is to promote respect of animals and their habitat and get people to care about and appreciate all wildlife.

I'm heading out April 19th from central Florida and I'll probably get out to Oregon in late May and head south and east through the southern US through most of June. I told work I'd be back June 20... lol or I might not come back at all (didn't tell them that). The nature of this trip is really flexible so that's why it's kind of vague. Of course I'm not just interested in herps but predatory mammals and anything big would be awesome. Big inverts would be fun too!

Now, I don't want to just get shown around and guided but I also want to get your voice and view about how humans should be interacting with nature. I'm very open to and would encourage showing you in an episode. Right now we're destroying a lot of land and wasting a lot of resources so I think it's critical that we get people to love nature and come up with a way to promote it so that the diversity we have now will be commonplace for future generations to enjoy and promote.

If you'd be interested in meeting up just shoot me a PM and we can chat some. Any questions or advice would be welcome as well! Thanks, and wish me luck on my trip!

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