Some Recents from Charleston, SC

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Some Recents from Charleston, SC

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I've been herping a lot more than birding lately, but it's been fun! Here is some recent stuff:
Southern Two-lined Salamander:
Bronze Frog:
Eastern Cottonmouth:
Eastern King (my favorite so far!!!!):
Eastern Ribbon (second favorite, he was such a cutie!):
Common Snapping Turtle (a big girl crossing the road! Took the opportunity for some great pics and then hurried her across):[email protected] ... 488728576/
Other lifers include:
Red-bellied Watersnake
Pine Woods Tree Frog
Southern Leopard Frog
Bullfrog (i'm pretty new, lol)
Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad
Green Watersnake
Banded Watersnake
And hoping for more soon! If there is anyone in the Charleston area who would be willing to go out and teach me more stuff, shoot me a PM.
And some bonus stuff that I got in CO during the ABA Young Birder's Camp Colorado:[email protected] ... ed-public/[email protected] ... ed-public/[email protected] ... ed-public/[email protected] ... ed-public/ (What a cutie! My highlight of the birding trip, ironically...)
We also had around a dozen Western-terrestrial Garters, but no good pics :(

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