Southeast Herp Trip

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Southeast Herp Trip

Post by tasmaster » March 15th, 2016, 4:00 am

Hi all! Happy almost-spring!

I'm brand new to the forum, and don't even know how to put up my name, haha. It's Taz R.

Anyways, I will be going on a week-long road trip March 18 (this Friday), through the 25 (next Friday) with my parents and girlfriend. Everyone is herp friendly.

So, I'm posting to ask whether anyone can give me some tips, let me know of any hot spots, or wants to meet up to find some cool herps!

I have planned to be in the Okefenokee area for a couple days, Coastal Georgia for a couple, and Western NC/Asheville area for a few more, then making our way through North and Central, FL both on our way up and way down.

I'm trying to target whatever salamanders possible, and I want to see my lifer kings and crotes!

So yeah, if you've got any info, hit me up please! :D PM or email if you're not comfortable posting publicly. :thumb:


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