Sceloporus sp.

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Sceloporus sp.

Post by kschnei1 »

Hi all,

I found a number of lizards up on fence posts recently in Colusa County - here is a photograph of one of them on iNat:

Although I assumed they were S. occidentalis, my photographs seemed to show a rust-colored axilla and a dark band in front of the forelimb, suggesting S. graciosus? I'm confused - any tips on separating these two species from photos would be appreciated!


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Re: Sceloporus sp.

Post by Owen »


The yellow on the hind legs is a dead giveaway.

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Re: Sceloporus sp.

Post by Brian Hubbs »

Also the fact that the only Scelop in the valley or foothills is the Northwestern Fence Lizard... :)

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Re: Sceloporus sp.

Post by hellihooks »

S. graciosus has white on the back of it's legs, as opposed to yellow (as Owen pointed out) in occidentalis... easy tell... even when running away... :crazyeyes:

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