Turtle ID Canada

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Turtle ID Canada

Post by mdagz »

Found a pond in a large urban Victoria, BC park that had a bunch of red-ear sliders. The two on either side of this red-ear look different, any ideas if they are?


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Re: Turtle ID Canada

Post by TravisK »

I suck at turtle IDs other than the basics, but I think it's safe to say you got three different species there.

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Re: Turtle ID Canada

Post by Fieldnotes »

I'm guessing the one with the ridges (left) is a False Map Turtle, middle a Red-eared Slider, and the larger one to the right is an old Red-eared Slider that has lost much of its color.

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Re: Turtle ID Canada

Post by corey.raimond »

I agree with the Graptemys. Could be false, Ouachita or some other species from the SE that I am not proficient in IDing.

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