anyone want to meet up around Tucson week of July 30-Aug 6th

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anyone want to meet up around Tucson week of July 30-Aug 6th

Post by pythonregius3 » July 16th, 2016, 8:39 am

Also posted this in AZ forum:
My mom, 2 brothers, one sister in law and i are coming out to Tucson area that week. We have only ever been out to herp that area once over 5 years ago. we are from Central Indiana so it is a very long trip. we never have and never will collect any wild animals and only go for the fun of finding awesome creatures in their natural habitat and to try to get some good photos. We are mostly interested in snakes but also enjoy all other herbs and wildlife in general. My brother has been working with black footed ferrets one of if not the most endangered mammal in the US for several years doing research and we all love animals just like he does. If anyone would be willing to meet up and show us around the area at all that would be great. Even if it is just for a short time on one day it would help our chances of finding some good stuff a lot if we had someone helping that knows the area. We have done this for some people that have visited Indiana but we have protected our good timber rattlesnake spots since they are endangered here and you never know what people will do with the info of a good location. So i totally understand if people only were willing to give us general info or show us their less awesome spots but that would still be helpful to us since we don't know the area at all. PM me if you have any info or even better would want to meet up.

Thanks in advance,

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