Regional positions

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Regional positions

Post by mattg »

I think for some positions we could make 2 or even more regional represenatives. I see three large areas in this chapter : bay area, LA, and SD. I think it would be a good thing to get more people involved. For example Lawrence could be Norcal education specialist and Brian Hinds the SoCal Ed. Specialist. Let me know what you guys think. Thank You.

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Re: Regional positions

Post by nightdriver »

Whether officially or un-officially I think it winds up happening anyway. There are just too many events in such a large state for one person to handle or even coordinate. It seems to be education by committee and probably will continue to be. I'm fine with making it official.....or not..... I think there are a number of active people that are willing to help out at educational events and will continue to whether they have a title or not.


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Re: Regional positions

Post by Calfirecap »

We've had regional Conservation Officer positions in the past and that has worked out pretty good. Just about every weekend in the Spring there is some field herping event to take part in California or Nevada. We try to avoid doubling up weekends between So Cal and the Bay Area, and for the most part we have been ably to do so.

As for educational events, I've never put one on. In the past our NAFHA members have been very good about these sorts of events, in the North, some of the local Herp societies fill this niche, at least in part. The North Bay Herpetological Society has educational events in the Santa Rosa Area, the Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society does a lot of events in the SF and South Bay area, and the Central Valley Herpetological Society has a booth at most of the regional herp show. I think a lot of their focus is on captive herps, but they do try and educate people on the benefits of wild reptiles and amphibians. They usually have some native species available for viewing and/or handling. I have no natives captive herps, nor do I wish to keep any, and it would be illegal to capture, display and release any natives, so I'm probably not the guy for this.

Now if we are talking about promoting NAFHA and the Data Bases, that might be another story.


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