Yolo county....March

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Yolo county....March

Post by ilikesnakes »

Hello, everyone! This is my first post...and first snakes of 2018. I grew up in Yolo county and first got introduced to snakes when i was about 6 years old.
I used to go to a babysitters and her son had like 5 snakes. After she showed me them in his room I never left untill it was time to go home! I only remember one for sure....It was a mangrove
snake......I only looked and never got to hold or touch them....I remember her saying "These snakes are MEAN!! I started looking at all the books with snakes from the library at school and
got an idea of what kinds of snakes were near me and caught my first garter snake near our house at the old channel of putah creek. Now im 48 and still love to see snakes in the wild....
I cant bring myself to take one home anymore....I have become an old softy .....Now i feel like im putting it in jail........Watching it non-stop trying to find a way out.....Nope!
Ok...Enough of that....Lets see if i can figure out this pic uploading thingy.......

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Re: Yolo county....March

Post by huck »

Awesome pictures! that king is so sick.

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Re: Yolo county....March

Post by Ross Padilla »

Very nice!

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Re: Yolo county....March

Post by Porter »

Digging that last shot of the gopher snake flip :thumb:

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