OMG, she did'nt!

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Re: OMG, she did'nt!

Post by regalringneck » June 10th, 2018, 8:24 pm

... evening laddies & ladies, ... per your kind remarks ... syd .. molly ? now where are you ... when aye mose-kneedewe ...? : } haha ... & kiddies thats a big noe : adults only !
Fd. a beautiful blue spex at the top of the mtn this am ... mebbe pixs l8tr

meanwhile ... njoy ... o&index=22

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Re: OMG, she did'nt!

Post by Jimi » June 11th, 2018, 11:07 am

Jimi doesn't dine on Raven's Pie.
Not gladly but I like to think I'm mature and self-aware enough to know - and admit to one and all - when I've made a mistake. I try. I'm an imperfect human with good intentions.
I think he was before your time here
Nope, I think the crash just reset all our join dates. I've been here a while.
you admited somewhere ... you really didnt know Dr
We could quibble on definitions of "to know". I only knew him as I know you - not really, but there was some interaction (much more than with you). I "knew" him a little on KS, and I "knew" him much more here, and my opinions are indelible. You must have thus far been spared some of the things I wasn't. For that, I would be earnestly happy for you. Be careful with him, he's got a real mean streak. Perhaps in the absence of anonymity it is suppressed. Trust me, it is there. I did try to bury the hatchet afterwards and help his wife get some work. Not sure how that went, I heard no more from him.
a fully competent biologist
I wouldn't dispute that. I might modify it to "scientific biologist". He really had no understanding of management, with all that it entails. All the imperfections of human nature that must be witnessed, and either borne or fled from lest they drive one mad or bitter (any cop or ex-cop knows of what I speak...). But isn't that last, the thing that we see operating here? Where has our membership gone, and why? Dthor touches on it, in part, with his plea for a good recommendation. I think part of my beef with GB's tactics is I think he was part of the problem, part of what drives people away from here. He just seemed to enjoy beating people up, and hey, what's a kick in the balls, a bitten-off ear, or a gouged eye? All good fun, right? Some of us have to live within sideboards, others do not. He was of the latter tribe, in my first-hand experience and second-hand observation.
2. Gerald Keown, founder of SWCHR, is very much alive, or at least was last weekend when I talked to him!
Ah, there's the good word of the day! Good for Gerald, and the rest of us. I must have mixed him up with someone else departed, like Hans Koenig or Sean McKeown?

Cheers, ladies and gents.

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