Video: Orianne Fieldnotes 2018, Ben in KS/WA/NV

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Video: Orianne Fieldnotes 2018, Ben in KS/WA/NV

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Ben Stagenga, a field biologist for the Orianne Society took some time off from the swamps of south Georgia to go on a herping holiday to Kansas, Nevada, and Washington. At each of these locations he met up with some local herpers (including myself in Washington), and he herped like a machine racking up a lot of new lifers. We even met up with a state biologist engaged in a rattlesnake telemetry project which was fantastic to witness. One rattlesnake was tracked for 3 days, we arrived on day 4, and learned pretty quickly that the location was likely a snake den.

The pigmy short-horned lizard was a laugh because we hiked 2 sites for 1 hour at each and just as we got within 8 steps from the car as we were about to leave one of these little lizards scurried through the gravel parking lot! Why did we even leave the parking lot eh? Such is herping!

This video was shot/edited by Ben. I got a bunch of photos/videos from the same trip as well and y'all may see a future posting from me about it which will have you shivering with deja-vu! :D

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Re: Video: Orianne Fieldnotes 2018, Ben in KS/WA/NV

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Cool video. Looks like an awesome experience!

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