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Announcment: herp and bear trip to Slovenia, may 2019

Posted: December 18th, 2018, 6:05 am
by Paul Veenvliet
Hi all,

I am very excited to announce our upcoming herptrip to Slovenia, Europe, 13-20 May 2019!

This is a small group tour, up to 8 participants. Knowledge is not needed, but expect to be among very serious field herpers, who love to make long days in search for newts, frogs, lizards and snakes! This is a real field tour, aimed at seeing herps in natural habitats, with lots of time for photography. It is NOT a collecting trip: all animals should remain in nature (we will do some catch and release for identification and "documentation" = photography).

Expected highlights:

- a 4-hour Cave expedition to see the Olm, the European cave salamander

- fieldwork with one of the local viper-experts in search of Vipera ammodytes

- the rare endemic Italian agile frog, Rana latastei

- A good variety of European lizards, including the recently described (and not yet universally accepted) Zootoca carniolica

- an evening bear-watching from hides in the forest (I know, bears are not reptiles, but everyone keeps asking so I just added them to the tour ... )

And, of course, nice habitats, some mud, rocks, landscape views, the odd insect (we are in fact in some top butterfly areas) ...

Good company, good food, everything you need.

I am the organiser, and the guide, but also herpetologist and biologist and I live in Slovenia. I am looking forward to take you to some of my secret herp-spots!

We already have 3 participants and we have certain going! We can fil up a minibus with up to 8, but that is it. So, we will be with a small group.

For questions and applying just email me at paul.veenvliet (a) zavod

And see the link below for lots of information about this tour.

See you in Slovenia!
Paul ... -the-bear/

Re: Announcment: herp and bear trip to Slovenia, may 2019

Posted: January 28th, 2019, 5:25 am
by Paul Veenvliet
Just a picture to show you what the tour will be all about: