Need help Biloxi MS trip 6/10-6/13

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Need help Biloxi MS trip 6/10-6/13

Post by pythonregius3 »

I am heading down for a short trip from midwest and i dont know this area at all. Just found out about the trip and with work i have very little time to research herping sites so probably will be going in almost blind unless i get some tips or someone to agree to meet up and show me around some. Any help or ides of locations to search would be greatly appreciated. I am mostly into snakes, never collect and just like to photo. As you can guess by my name I am a ball python guy. That is only herp I own but love to search and see herps in the wild and photo them.

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Re: Need help Biloxi MS trip 6/10-6/13

Post by jcb59 »

I also posted a request for help herping around Houston. No one replied. I am thinking that no one wants to give out information that could get there favorite spots plundered. It is hard to blame them. My plan is to look for NWA, national and state parks/forest that look like good places to road hunt and try them. You might consider doing something similar if no one other than me responds.

I did not read your dates - it is already June 15. How did you do?

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