Malaysia Herping Trip

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Malaysia Herping Trip

Post by Hongkongsnakeid » June 8th, 2019, 4:50 pm

Just back from a great trip to peninsular Malaysia where we had some good success. Pictures of some of the more photogenic finds included here and more info on our website for each species at under the "Other Snakes" page.
White-spotted Cat Snake - Boiga drapiezii-5.jpg
White Spotted Cat Snake
Wall's Bronzeback - Dendrelaphis cyanochloris-19.jpg
Wall's Bronzeback
Triangle Keelback - Xenochrophis trianguligerus-9.jpg
Triangle Keelback
Striped Bronzeback Snake - Dendrelaphis caudolineatus-3.jpg
Striped Bronzeback
Siamese Peninsular Pit Viper - Trimeresurus fucatus-25.jpg
Siamese Peninsular Pit Viper - Male
Siamese Peninsula Pit Viper - Trimeresurus fucatus-5.jpg
Siamese Peninsular Pit Viper - Female
Mountain Slug Snake - Asthenodipsas vertebralis-9.jpg
Mountain Slug Snake
Mountain Slug Snake - Asthenodipsas vertebralis-44.jpg
Mountain Slug Snake
Banded Malayan Coral Snake - Calliophis intestinalis-71.jpg
Malaysian Striped Coral Snake
Banded Malayan Coral Snake - Calliophis intestinalis-12.jpg
Malaysian Striped Coral Snake
Dog Toothed Cat Snake - Boiga cynodon-32.jpg
Dog Toothed Cat Snake
Dog Toothed Cat Snake - Boiga cynodon-31.jpg
Dog Toothed Cat Snake
Butler's Wolf Snake - Lycodon butleri-10.jpg
Butler's Wolf Snake
Black-Headed Cat Snake - Boiga nigriceps-28.jpg
Black Headed Cat Snake
Black-Headed Cat Snake - Boiga nigriceps-16.jpg
Black Headed Cat Snake
Asian Vine Snake - Ahaetulla prasina-3.jpg
Asian Vine Snake
Jasper Cat Snake - Boiga jaspidea-54.jpg
Jasper Cat Snake

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