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SE Asia Herping

Post by Mark » June 14th, 2019, 12:08 pm

I made my first post on this site the other day (Herping Borneo) mostly in promotion of Tawau Park and my buddy, and guide extraordinaire, Shavez. However since then, in checking out numerous posts, I've found this site super helpful in giving me many ideas as to my next herping destinations. So with that in mind I'll post a few more snake pics from recent travels in SE Asia and where I took them etc.
Pink-headed Reed Snake.JPG
Pink-headed Reed Snake, Kubah NP, Sarawak
Malayan Krait (2).JPG
Malayan Krait, Sakaerat, Thailand
Reticulated Python.JPG
Reticulated Python, Khao Sok NP, Thailand
Blood Python.JPG
Blood Python, Syap, Sabah
Red-bellied Keelback.JPG
Red-bellied Keelback, Sayap, Sabah
Black-headed Cat Snake (2).JPG
Dark-headed Cat Snake, Syap, Sabah
Equitorial Spitting Cobra (2).JPG
Equatorial Spitting Cobra, Kudat, Sabah
Sabah Pit Viper (2).JPG
Sabah Pit Viper, Kinabulu NP, Sabah
Banded Coral Snake.JPG
Banded Coral Snake, Maliau Basin, Sabah
Peninsular Pit Viper.JPG
Peninsular Pit Viper, Khao Sok NP, Thailand
Keeled Pit Viper (AF).JPG
Keeled Pit Viper, Similajua NP, Sarawak
Dog-toothed Cat Snake.JPG
Dog-toothed Cat Snake, Mulu NP, Sarawak
Many-banded Krait.JPG
Many-banded Krait, Kenting NP, Taiwan
Taiwanese Habu.JPG
Taiwanese Habu, Kenting NP, Taiwan
Vogel's Pit Viper (2).JPG
Vogel's Pit Viper, Khao Yai NP, Thailand
White-lipped Pit Viper.JPG
White-lipped Pit Viper, Sakaerat, Thailand
Large-eyed Pit Viper (2).JPG
Large-eyed Pit Viper, Sakaerat, Thailand

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Re: SE Asia Herping

Post by LouB747 » June 14th, 2019, 3:13 pm

Wow, those are some great pics/snakes. Congrats.

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Re: SE Asia Herping

Post by Mark » June 14th, 2019, 4:57 pm

Thanks Lou. Love your videos by the way. Between travels, when I'm stuck back here in Canada, watching a herping video is the next best thing to being out there myself.

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Re: SE Asia Herping

Post by dendrelaphis » July 4th, 2019, 10:03 am

Great, thanks!

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