My Herping Trip to Kankakee

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My Herping Trip to Kankakee

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Hello fellow members of FHF! This is my first post and I wanted to write about my experience in Kankakee. If you do not know, the Kankakee Region is a Region in Illinois that incapsulates Southern Will County, Kankakee County and Iroquois County, along with Newton County, Indiana.

Here’s the story-

I woke up at about seven and started driving south to the Kankakee Region at about seven - fifty. I arrived at about nine. I was herping with Paul Hill, known on YouTube as “Ohioherper17”. We traveled across southern Kankakee County and Northern Iroquois County. I had seven flip sites that were used this trip. All of our flip sites leading up to our last one were busts. We found nothing other than a milk snake (Lampropeltis Triangulum Triangulum) shed skin. Our last site was a huge trash dump. I walked up to a big piece of what looked like a destroyed boat. When I flipped it, two mating Kankakee Bull Snakes (Pituophis Catenifer Sayi) lay curled next to each other!

Overall, I would say this trip was a success. Stay tuned for next week when I go after Eastern Hognose Snakes (Heteredon Platirhinos) and Blue Racers (Coluber Constrictor Foxii) in Northwest Indiana!

(P.s, if you want to see any pictures of the reptiles found in my posts, check my Instagram. I cannot seem to find out how to add photos to this post. My Instagram is @jkherps)

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