First US Herping - Everglades

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First US Herping - Everglades

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Hi guys,

As a Brit I dont get much chance to do dynamic herping with our three snake species and three lizards so a trip to Florida last month was a much anticipated entrance into the world of field herping proper. I have a write up and (sweary) video on my birding blog.

I had some reasonable success with a trio of Florida Cottonmouths, Florida Banded Banded Watersnake, Southern Ring-necked Snake and a moderately sized Burmese Python in Everglades NP plus DOR Corn Snake, Yellow Rat Snakes, Banded Water Snakes and an Everglades Racer. Other herps included American Crocodile and Alligator, a host of invasive lizards plus Green Anole and turtles in the form of Red-bellied Cooter and Florida Softshell. ... g-usa.html ... g-usa.html

Again sorry for the language - the python was my first ever road cruised snake.


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Re: First US Herping - Everglades

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Wonderful! I love Florida, thanks for sharing!

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