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[Video] Places You've Never Herped 13, Georgia

Posted: September 27th, 2019, 11:35 pm
by technoendo

A big wind/rain storm had just passed through south Georgia knocking out power and causing flooding in some areas. The Orianne Society staffers busted out chainsaws to get through the DNR roads in order to lay live traps for alligator snapping turtles the night before the event. I think a lot of wildlife was still hunkering down and while we didn't have any luck trapping alligator snapping turtles we did find a lot of reptiles and amphibians I've never seen before. Meeting 40 other hardcore field herpetology enthusiasts is always a hootin' good time. I missed the registration for PYNH14 in north Georgia was a few weeks ago, but the Orianne Society also runs another great members-only event called Indigo Days that is also worth keeping an eye open for.