Northern Rubber Boa Elevations

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Northern Rubber Boa Elevations

Post by RenoBart » December 19th, 2019, 9:41 am

Hey folks, I am curious as to the lowest elevation boas have been found in California, particularly in the Western foothills of the Sierra. As I live now on the other side of the hill in California, I am making a list of all snake species I should be able to find within a 3-5 miles radius of my home. Right now I am at 9 species, with the 10th being possibly the Northern Rubber Boa. That said, I think 800' is too low, despite conditions nearby that would seemingly house boas. So I am curious as to how low folks have found these snakes in the Sierra foothills on the west side of the range...


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Re: Northern Rubber Boa Elevations

Post by Jimi » December 19th, 2019, 4:40 pm

Hi Bart,

Sorry I can't help directly with your question - I've only found them near the coast and on the east side of the Sierra. I really didn't herp the west slope too much when I lived there - all those nasty trees! Ha ha ha.

But the reason I write is to suggest cold air drainage might be a factor helping boas get pretty low in certain areas. I see that phenom working with lots of plants and animals. Anyway - good luck! Get some AC out there and check it early!


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