Herping North Madgascar part 1 of 3

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Herping North Madgascar part 1 of 3

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I'm new to this forum and a beginning herper although I was always very much interested in reptiles and amphibians.
I did a herping trip to one of the best places in the world for 3 weeks in Oktober in 2018.
I was there before in 2003 but then focussed on birds and mammals. This time the focus was on reptiles and frogs.
We did Masoala and surroundings (the coastline of the peninsula and Nosy Mangabe and the hills near the Antainambalana river a few kilometers upstream from Maroantsetra).
From this I have a series of photo's on Flickr. I'm particularly interested in the ID of one Uroplatus that was found in the last place mentioned. But any ID's are very welcome.

https://links.flickr.com/u/click?_t=40a ... ob-LxHs%3D

I hope you guys can see the images. A lot are shot in the dark with LED flashlight and not all came out very nice.
Some of these pretty creatures were tiny so if you want more information on a particular image, please ask.

There will be a part two and a part three.
We used local guides and in some places the very best you can get according to quite a few herpers and locals.

Wish you all a reptile rich 2020 ! :beer:


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