South and West Australia advise

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South and West Australia advise

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Hi Guys

Happy new year!
It is winter here in West Europe so the best time to think about next travels.
One of my wishes is to visit South and West Australia in November next year.
Basically because I've been to Queensland, NT, red centre before but not to WA and South Australia.
It is not only about reptiles but also birds and mammals etc.
But one great goal of this trip is to find Moloch horridus. It is a childhoods wish to see one
in the wild. Now I understand that one of the best places to see it is the Red Centre which
I'd rather not visit because it is too far out of the itinerary.
I'd like to wonder around Adelaide and surroudings and Perth. Probably trying the South West Loop
that many people try who are also into birds.
I believe there are parks and areas in SA or WA where one has a reasonable chance of seeing Thorny Devils?

Any other advise is very much appreciated for SA and WA!

Wish you all a very herp rich 2020!


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