Common Treefrog Netherlands without sideline

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Common Treefrog Netherlands without sideline

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A few years ago I found a couple of Common Treefrogs (Hyla arborea) in the Netherlands and one was significantly larger and had virtually no blackish line along the sides of the body. Almost nothing between the eye and the nostril and particularly hardly anything between de eye and the ear. Also almost nothing along the rest of the body.
For the Netherlands that is rather strange. I know this to be more or less the case for the Southern European species (Iberian or Italian).
I wouldn't expect a Treefrog to travel north that far because of climate change or such. It is of course possbile that it is an escapee or released individual. It was at a place where there is a relatively healthy population and all the others I found where the normal type.
I've attached a picture.
Does anyone know what could be the case here?



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