RFI. Bend, OR

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RFI. Bend, OR

Post by tomharten »

I’m heading out to Bend, OR for a family vacation. I thought about trying some road cruising and rock flipping. I’d be psyched to see any high desert species. Would I be wasting my time trying this in early August? Any suggestions are appreciated!

Richard F. Hoyer
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Re: RFI. Bend, OR

Post by Richard F. Hoyer »

I am from Corvallis so can’t really help you as far as herping in the Bend area.

One of my former Rubber Boa study site is southeast of Bend and La Pine in the Christmas Valley region that I could direct you to but it is about a 1 1/2 drive from Bend. And then August hardly the best time of year to find the species during day time searches unless you started early enough in the morning before temperatures became too warm under rocks.

I know of two herpers from the Bend area and if I had your email address, I could give it to them along with your request. The could then contact you should they wish to help someone out from the east coast.

You can either get back to me with a private message on the herp forum or contact me via email. My email address is the scientific name of the Rubber Boa, all in lower case @earthlink.net.

Richard F. Hoyer Corvallis, Oregon

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