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Terms of Usage (applies to all forums).....

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Field Herp Forum is a worldwide community of field herpers. We are here to discuss field herping and related subjects.

Advertising is not allowed unless approved by FHF.

Debate is encouraged, discussion is what this is all about. Please be respectful. If you disagree, present your case and then accept that a public forum will NOT always be what you want it to be. That is just the way it is in an immensely diverse community such as FHF, or any other public forum. FHF is a worldwide community of field herpers and naturalists, so opinions and disagreements on various topics is to be expected.

Topics can and will be removed from the forums at our discretion. This is a public forum, understand that BEFORE you choose to participate. Many opinions and personalities exist on a public forum such as this one, again, understand that before you choose to participate or view (lurk).

No locale SPECIFICS. Anyone who feels this is not being adhered to, please contact FHF for review. We may not always agree with you, so keep that in mind when lodging a complaint about a topic. SPECIFICS is the key word in our assessment of locality discussions.

If you have been here for a long time (since 2004), you already know that I operate on a VERY fair level. If you are new to FHF, you'll see the same continuing level of commitment from me to this community.

Have fun!

Scott Waters